Our Place

Major things to consider when getting a massage:

Is the room too hot or too cold?  Is it going to be noisy in there/not relaxing?  Are the massage tables/face cradles uncomfortable?  Will the lights be bright?  Will the therapist talk my ear off?  Will they not be any good?!

Cheshire Massage’s answer to these questions:

Each room has it’s own thermostat that is based on YOUR needs.  Each massage table is equipped with a table warmer, fleece topper, memory foam, and we spend an equal amount of money investing in only the best memory foam face cradles (they cost just as much as the table!).  Every window is blacked out, lights are very dim, very quiet.  As for the therapist, politely tell them to not talk if in the off-chance that they do.  Each therapist has at least over two years experience (some more than others).  We know our stuff.  Most of us talk only when you talk to us.

Our clinic is quaint and personable. It’s meant to feel comfortable and warm like slipping into a warm snuggie with a cup of hot cocoa in your hand.

I love zen decor (and Pier One), soft lighting, candles, big armchairs, fuzzy blankets. Comfort and simplicity without any flashy glitz and glam that woo your eye buds to distract you from true comfort and relaxation.

Cheshire Massage is not a fancy spa or commercialized clinic. We only have four massage rooms – all unique and all capture the warmth I want to convey.

It’s welcoming and non-intimidating.

We are not a girly “pink” spa that would curtail men from walking in to pamper themselves because it’s not “masculine”.

It’s a clinic for everybody. Body builders, runners, nurses, hairdressers, teachers, waitresses, dental hygienists, construction workers, violinists, ballerina’s, desk workers…etc. ALL of these careers/activities (plus the unlisted ones) need massage in their lives.DVWeb-15

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