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We are the first affordable massage club in Cheshire, CT.

Our mission is to provide affordable quality massage with no hassle’s, no pushing product or add-on’s.  We are simple, straight forward folk whose only concern is to provide you, the client, with a customizable massage based on your needs.

We are a company of massage therapists, not cut-throat business people.

I’m the owner of Cheshire and worked at many different spa’s and clinics.  As a former employee of Massage Envy, I learned what works best in order for massage clinics to prosper.  It’s a formula based on three parts:

1)  Convenience & Reliability

Someone will always be available to massage you.  Whether you want in immediately, or 12 months from now.  There’s no need to play phone tag.  I’m taking Massage Envy’s model of convenience & reliability and implementing it in my own clinic.

2)  Affordability 

Check out our Memberships page and learn about the advantages of becoming a member.  It’s a simple $55 paid on the first of each month.

3)  Effective, quality massage.

Each massage therapist that I choose to represent me and my business, will be hand picked by me.  I want sweet, gentle souls representing me, but also confident and experienced.  I want to familiarize them with my empathetic touch technique where I place myself in the clients shoe’s.

Each massage will be consistent and reliable in effectiveness.  If you’re not happy with your massage, I will personally reimburse you for the price you paid for it.  Please come to me first before leaving any negative reviews.

I’m Melanie and my email is CONTACT@CHESHIREMASSAGE.NET

Address is 350 South Main St. Cheshire, CT 06410

Phone:  (203) 250-8482

Here’s a contact form if for any reason you need to contact me in this form of contact:


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