Swedish or Deep?

I’ve been practicing massage since 2007 and I still have trouble defining the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue to clients.

In my opinion, there are two types of massage; a good massage or a bad massage.  It shouldn’t have to be complicated.

Yes, some people require more pressure than others.  Some clients require so much pressure that the massage becomes very strenuous and hard for therapists to give (that’s why other spa’s charge extra).  But the majority of people are a happy medium between Swedish and Deep.

We attack tough muscles that need it and smooth out and relax the rest.

Some places charge you extra for Deep Tissue and the entire massage is deep all over, including the area’s that don’t need it.  It is both unnecessary and painful.  While on the other hand, a Swedish massage may feel like all the therapist did was rub lotion on you for an hour.

If you are however, a client who requires very deep work done, please tip your therapist a little extra since we don’t differentiate in price between Swedish and Deep.

Please remember that you can request more or less pressure at anytime during your massage.

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