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Sempervivum, literally “always/forever alive”, will make you feel just that. It starts with you laying down on an infrared mat (please see contraindications below). The heat penetrates deep into muscle fibers, relaxing them and promoting circulation. We accompany that with…

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Dry Brushing Now Available

Begin your session with a invigorating dry brush technique followed by a soothing massage. Available with 60 or 90 minute sessions for an additional $15. At the end of your session, the brush is yours to keep!

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Cheshire’s Signature Couples Massage

Our signature couples massage includes all three of our add-on’s. Please call us if you have trouble finding a time online!  203-250-8482 Aloe Vera Mask: Great addition to any service.  Aloe Vera, vitamin E, collagen and natural botanicals to de-stress,…

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Pregnancy Massage

You have the choice of laying on your side, or taking advantage of our Earthlite pregnancy cushion which allows you to lay face down.  We can apply more pressure when you lay face down.

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I was introduced to Reiki in 2009 by an unlikely co-worker who was SO excited by what he had learned and the results that he was seeing with his practice that he was bursting at the seams to talk to…

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Four-Handed Massage

With four hands on your body, you will lose your point of reference and disconnect from reality. In addition to intensifying your relaxation, this massage will really get your blood circulating, so your body feels more vibrant and energized. You…

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