Who is this girl?

Taking a holistic approach towards healing entails seeing the whole.  Seeing how all our parts (and actions) work together and from that, treat the cause, not the symptom.  Tackling life with a holistic approach, you’ll begin to see the interdependence of everything and it’s there where you’ll find your choice to make a change.

All illness, whether it be mental anguish or physical pain, happens when we run from truth.  When we ignore our bodies and our hearts and we lose ourselves to the daily grind.  We fall into a routine and for most of us, we ignore low priority activities which is more often than not, our own well-being.

Getting massaged regularly is a way for us to confront our bodies.  Massage tells us what we are lacking while we’ve been busy with more “important” matters.

Receiving a massage is like confronting debt, only much more pleasurable.  Physical activity (or non-activity) and stress cause tension in our fragile muscle fibers that easily accumulates over time until it’s confronted.  Just as it is with any debt.  Whether it be weight debt or monetary.

Massage is an unburdening.  A safe place to unload your accumulated tension.  This is true for both body and mind.

So, who’s this girl?  I don’t really know.  I just like making people happy, that’s all.


– Melanie Schipritt

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